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How to Refer

Pet Owner

We can see your dog or cat on a referral basis from your veterinary surgeon. Please discuss your pet’s orthopaedic condition with your veterinary surgeon and ask to be referred to Arthurs Veterinary Specialists for specialist advice and treatment. When you do come to us, please make sure that;

  • You starve your pet from midnight in case a sedation or anaesthetic procedure is suggested
  • Please stop pain-killer anti-inflammatories 5 days before the appointment; otherwise subtle pain can be masked at the time of examination
  • If a diagnostic procedure under sedation is required, be prepared to leave your pet with us for the day
  • If a surgical procedure is required, be prepared to leave your pet with us all day and at least 1 overnight stay minimum
  • You have read and understood our payment terms (see below)

Referring veterinary surgeon

Call on 07883 725 736​ ​or email us on enquiries@avsreferrals.co.uk either to discuss a case or to refer. We need the following information:

  • A brief description of the clinical problem you are referring the patient for, and how urgent you think it is
  • Full patient and owner details including address, email, telephone numbers; this is so we can register the patient and make contact to organise the appointment
  • Full patient history
  • All appropriate tests e.g. radiographs, blood tests, aspirate or biopsy results etc.

We will then contact the client and organise the first appointment.

Payment terms / insurance claims

  • Our standard terms are that payment in full is required at the time of treatment
  • If the cost of treatment is more than £500, we can offer to do a direct claim to your pet’s medical insurance company
  • If you wish us to consider a direct claim, please bring your pet’s full insurance details and a completed claim form so we can start the insurance claim for you as soon as possible. If your insurance company uses an online portal, log in and start the referral claim as soon as possible.
  • Please check carefully with your insurer that there are no exclusions on the policy that could mean the medical condition is not covered
  • We reserve the right to not accept a direct claim
  • Paying our bill is your responsibility. If your medical insurance company declines to pay our fees for whatever reason, you are liable to pay the fees for medical treatment, no exceptions
  • If you have any doubts regarding the likelihood of your insurance company to pay, or your ability to pay, please raise this at the beginning of treatment so we can work with you to find a mutually satisfactory solution.