Amazing… a bouncy dog back!

Millie our 9 year old cockapoo became lame with a torn cruciate ligament. She had the same problem 3 years ago with her other leg. (a design fault with this model!).
Gareth was then working for a different practice and he undertook TPLO surgery and fixed her leg. An excellent job and you wouldn’t know she had ever had a problem. When the other leg ligament went it was with no hesitation to track down Gareth who had now started his own business, Arthurs Orthopaedics and get him to fix things.
The new practice was amazing. Really caring helpful service. So clever to do this complicated and detailed operation and to have my supper, bouncy, fun loving dog back and running about on all four legs.
I can not thank and praise Gareth and Arthurs Orthopaedics enough.