5 stars from us !

Arthurs Orthopaedics was recommended to us by our own highly regarded veterinary practice in North Leicestershire.
Our cocker spaniel was displaying signs of initially very slight, intermittent lameness which progressed gradually over the next few months into permanent and very noticeable limping.
Our vet thought it could be the onset of arthritis and prescribed medication accordingly. This was proved not to be the case when his condition did not improve with the medication and x-rays were then undertaken which cancelled out any remaining doubts but also failed to shed any further light on the lameness.
It was thought he may have just suffered some sort of sprain or strain and rest and painkillers may save the day..Unfortunately this wasn’t to be the case and it was very upsetting to watch our little fella deteriorate further.

We took him back and were told our vet had done all they could for him but they recommended Gareth Arthurs an orthopaedic specialist who may be able to help him.Initially we did wonder why we had to go so far afield but believe me it was worth it ! as was the consultation fee ..

Gareth made an immediate appointment for us despite literally just returning from his holiday and we were fully informed ahead of this of all costs to come so no nasty surprises!
What struck us most about Gareth (apart from his very obvious expertise in his specialist area of orthopaedics and passion for the subject) was how approachable he was and how such a highly intelligent and educated man could still manage to communicate in “simple layman’s terms” to us owners (without being in any way patronising) what he thought our cocker spaniel was suffering from and the way ahead etc ..
Being the true professional that he is, Gareth sent our dog off for an emergency CT scan the results of which proved exactly what he had thought our dog’s problem was likely to be just from the initial consultation and examination.
He then booked our dog in immediately for surgery as he was concerned that his elbow maybe in danger of snapping !

Gareth placed a titanium screw inside our dog’s elbow to basically hold it together as he was suffering from a crack across the inside of his elbow.. And less than a week later our dog is walking normally without even a trace of a limp. The problem now is he feels so good again that we have to convince him he needs to take it easy for a while, although with Gareth’s wonderful surgery he feels like he’s up to a squirrel chasing marathon already!
Thank you Gareth for your expertise, your professionalism, your approachability, your advice, your swift replies and also to your team to the bubbly Sam especially who never showed any exasperation with my many queries and questions !! And to the lovely spaniel loving Paddy at Cambridge Referrals who did the CT scan ..

P and F Lallo